Join the Staff

We are looking forward to our camp season. If you are interested in joining our camp staff, please set up an account at the link below and fill out the staff application.  You will need to provide 3 references, so have their contact info prepared as you apply. You will know your application has been received if you receive an email from us stating that we have received your application. If you do not receive such an email it means your application failed to process and you will need to go back and make sure you have filled out the application completely.

So what are we looking for in ICC Staff Family Members?

People who will live our ICC Family Values (God, Integrity, Safety, Hard-work, & Fun).
We are looking for staff over 18 years of age. We will only hire applicants under 18 who have been through our Staff-in-Training Camp.

Certifications help. If you are a certified Lifeguard, WSI, Horse Wrangler, Archery instructor, etc. it significantly helps your chances of being hired.

Experience helps. We love hiring people who have a positive history of working with young people and in the position for which they are applying.

Our final suggestion to applicants is to communicate with us yourself. Having parents, guardians, friends call or email us on items like setting up interviews or other employment issues sends the message you may not be very interested in a job at ICC or that you are not self-motivated.

We hope these tips help!

Equal Employment Opportunity
Indian Creek Camp gives preference in hiring to Seventh-day Adventist applicants and is in compliance with EEOC Title VII which grants an exception to religious organizations. Indian Creek Camp does not discriminate based on race, color, sex, age, national origin or disability.

Apply to be a Nurse

If you are interested in working in a non-paying Camp Nurse position (volunteering) at Indian Creek Camp please fill out the Nurse Application. Upon completion of the application applicants will be notified if there are any volunteer positions available to them. All volunteers who have positions offered to them are required to complete online training, abide by the Camp Nurse Standing Orders, successfully pass a criminal background check, and receive further training upon arrival at ICC. Camp nurses are allowed to send their child(ren) to one free week of camp. Volunteers receive no other form of compensation and we are unable to pay for travel expenses to and from the camp.