Because you entrust us with your children we do have some polices that we must enforce to protect them during their time spent at ICC.

  • Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons, Stolen Items

    Please leave all valuable personal sports equipment, electronics, firearms, knives, alcohol, and narcotics at home. Indian Creek Camp will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen personal items.

  • Visitors


    All visitors must check in at the summer camp office located on the lower level of the cafeteria just below the fireplace room upon their arrival, unless you are there for summer camp registration. Our team has been instructed to welcome any visitors that they might see and assist them to the office unless they notice a VISITOR identification badge. So, it is important to check in upon your arrival to receive your VISITOR identification badge.

    Please be aware that during our staff training week (June 2-8) our campus is closed. We have only seven days of intense training to get ready for our summer and will be concluding this spiritual leadership training over the Sabbath hours as we prepare for our campers. For this reason we do not allow visitors during this time period.

  • Cellphones

    Cell phones are a wonderful invention, a great way to stay connected with the ones you love. Before we had them, we relied on old fashioned letter writing. But along with technology, unfortunately, comes risks and some very dangerous ones, ones that we at camp just can’t ignore as we spend a week with your kids.

    For your child’s safety we do not allow campers to have cell phones (the only exception is during Family Camps). Please know that this is a difficult thing to do, but we have chosen this rule for the safety of your child. Inappropriate phone calls, viewing of offensive internet content, sexting, and cyber bullying are all reasons for this rule. Cell phones that are brought to camp will be put in a special cell phone box for the duration of the camper’s stay.  Campers are welcome to use the office phone to communicate home.

  • Camera Policy

    We know how much fun it is to take pictures with all of your friends at camp. However we here at ICC take every measure to secure our campers’ safety with the potential of inappropriate pictures being taken and put into the cyber world. Therefore we ask that you do not bring a camera. We will have pictures available for download from our secure website (This does not apply to family campers).

  • Pets

    Because Indian Creek Camp is a small peninsula where most everything we do is in such close quarters, we have adopted the NO PETS policy. We feel that all of our visitors should be able to come enjoy ICC without the worries of pet allergies. We do allow service dogs for our visually impaired campers and guests.