Raphael is back for yet another year of camp! He’s been coming to camp since before he can remember, but he actually started working at camp in 2011, when he came as a CIT for Blind Camp. He’s been back to work every summer since then, and this will be his first year on Ad Staff. He is looking forward to planning fun activities this summer, and helping camp run smoothly.

Raphael will usually introduce himself as Raphael, but if you’re his friend he likes it if you use one of his many nicknames. He has many hobbies and interests, including 3D printing, Drones, Science, Psychology, and Animals. He also likes playing with fire (safely!) and buying random things at Walmart at 3 o’clock in the morning.

Raphael has spent the last few months working at Madison Campus Elementary, where he runs the After-School program, teaches a STEM class, assists with Pre-K and Kindergarten, and generally helps with whatever he’s asked to do. He’s also been working at the KY-TN Conference office processing all the ICC camp staff paperwork.

Raphael’s favorite thing about camp is the campers! He loves getting to know them, and hopes and prays to make a meaningful impact on them, and to be a good example to them.

If you can’t find Raphy around camp, he’s probably out kayaking somewhere; he loves exploring the lake!