Jessica Kovach can’t wait for the summer to begin and for the campers to arrive at Indian Creek Camp! Having worked two years at Camp Au Sable as a counselor and continuing to study Elementary Education at Southern, she realizes that working with kids from different backgrounds is what she wants to do for the rest of her life. Although she’s always lived in the South, she spent the past year in Chiang Rai, Thailand where she was a English teacher and house mom at a shelter for at-risk girls. Although she left without learning the language well, she left part of her heart with the 28 girls who captured it while there. Her love of music and acting has grown from her first production where she “starred” at 3 months old as baby Jesus…before having to be taken off stage because of crying! Acting in the Forever Faithful Camporee play and playing Gabriel at Southern’s annual Easter pageant are among her favorite acting memories but she’s excited to make more with the kids coming to camp this year! Other pastimes include photography and videography (she was once a film production major), painting and Bible journaling (watercolor painting is her current favorite medium), football and baseball (always rooting for the Panthers and Astros), and cooking (cookies and desserts happen to be her boyfriend’s favorite).  Seeing campers accept Jesus for the first time or recommit their lives to Him after experiencing an amazing week of camp makes every late night and early morning worth it.