Charles is excited to be back at it again this summer at ICC. “Charles” or “Charlie,” it’s up to you, has one summer of experience at ICC, but has had many years of experience with kids of all ages. Currently, he is working at Ooltewah Seventh Day Adventist Middle School near Chattanooga, Tennessee as a teacher’s assistant and is exposed to kids on a daily basis. He has also led out in his local VBS  4 years or more in sports and went to school in a multi-age classroom for 11 years. Charles began taking guitar lessons at age 6 and has been playing and learning ever since.  He is experienced with leading out in praise music, solo guitaring, and more advanced methods.

Charlie is from Wisconsin. And yes, apparently he does have a northern accent so bare with him down here in the south. He is attending Southern Adventist University majoring in Religious Education with a minor in Music with a vocal focus.

Charles can sing whistle tones; just ask him about it! And, as a bass, he takes great pride that he can sing that high.  Does this whistling it sound good? Well….. that is very relative for each person. To also go lower he can also sing subharmonic tones……again, just ask him about it.

Charles loves chocolate pie with whipped cream, if you want to earn some points with him get him one. He’ll only accept these kind of edible bribes. His favorite Bible verse is John 14:1-3. His favorite and most impactful thing at ICC for him is when campers decide to give their lives to Christ. It sounds so cliche of course, but when he saw their hearts surrendered he could not help but be moved and to rethink his own walk with God. The kids to him are the most impactful thing at ICC.

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