Benjamin Lawson is thrilled to work at Indian Creek Camp this summer! This is Benjamin’s first time working at ICC as Boy’s Counselor and Music Instructor. Previously, Benjamin has worked with children at his local high school as a teacher’s assistant, caretaker for church, student aid for Spalding Elementary, Vacation Bible School, and many other areas in life!

Benjamin is from Rockland, Wisconsin, and currently attends Southern Adventist University where he is pursuing a major in theology and a minor in music. Benjamin enjoys many things from motocross to traveling the world! Reading, football, guitar, violin, singing, writing, and spending time with family are just a few of his many favorite past times.

Benjamin’s favorite thing, however, is sharing God’s love with kids. One of his favorite Bible verses is Matthew 5:3-10. Benjamin’s favorite food
is his grandma’s home cooked meals! Also,
Benjamin’s favorite thing about ICC is the people who work there: his girlfriend, Jessica; brother, Charles; best friend, Wayde; and the entire Taylor family!