Laurhenz Saint-Aime will be a sophomore at Southern Adventist University ,and is majoring in Physical Therapy. This is Laurhenz’s second summer working at camp and he is extremely excited to be working at ICC again. He will have the luxury of being a counselor of your lovely children and being a Rock Climbing Instructor. Laurhenz has worked at several sports camps for younger children and has a mission for every camper to have fun. He is from Kennesaw, Georgia but his parents are from Haiti. Laurhenz is always smiling and is a person that makes jokes A LOT and tries to make everyone else smile. Laurhenz enjoys all types of food except avocado due to allergies. He enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, basketball, drama, and is a Master Archer. His favorite Bible verse is Psalms 23:4. Laurhenz was a camper as a child and loves ICC and can’t wait to make it a great summer. His favorite part of ICC is Archery Tag and bonding with the kids.

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